Oticon is among the three largest companies worldwide within the hearing solutions business. We also provide audiovisual equipment and sound systems for churches, museums etc. to the local Danish market.

Why should your candidate work at Oticon?

Because the Oticon mission is as straightforward as it is worthwhile:

To help people with hearing loss fulfil their potential while living the life they choose - with the hearing they have.

To achieve this, Oticon strives to be the leader in high performance hearing solutions, and to supply the most sophisticated technology and audiology possible. But helping people fulfil their potential includes much more than delivering on the most advanced hearing science and innovative cutting edge designs.

Through the People First promise, Oticon has placed a deep appreciation and understanding of what people need, desire and are driven by, as the core of all our innovation. Quite simply, we put the individual needs and wishes of people with hearing loss first in our development of new. Oticon employs more than 3000 people and creates hearing solutions that benefit people in more than 100 countries around the world. Our products are sold through sales offices in 24 countries and some 80 independent distributors worldwide.

iOS Developer

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Join us and you will be a member of a SCRUM team working with a dedicated Product Owner, business analysts, UX and UI designers, and test developers at Oticon!

Experienced embedded software / firmware developer

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If you wish to take part in implementing a future release of an Open Source BLE stack, proprietary audio transports, and the custom-developed chipset on which it will run, now is the time to apply. In order to be considered for his position, you need to be able to document deep expertise within relevant areas, such as low power, BLE, open source development and wireless audio.

Denmark, Smørum

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