We have transparent pricing & reward structure. On a successful hire, recruiters will get the exact amount shown on the specific job. Employers can choose between two different pricing models.

Initial payment

You pay a one time intial fee for posting a new job

Posting fee 700 €
Reward fee (min.) 2,000 €
Total 2,700 €

In case of no hire, you'll only pay the initial posting fee of 700 €

No cost up front

No initial fee, however the minimum reward fee is higher

Posting fee 0 €
Reward fee (min.) 2,000 €
Total 2,000 €

In case of no hire, you're job posting will be FREE

Employer is eligible to pay the reward fee when a candidate has signed an offer or contract.


Recuriters are rewarded when their candidate is hired

Hire reward 2,000 € and up
Sharing reward 600 € and up

When a candidate has accepted an offer or contract in writing the recruiter is eligible to receive the hiring reward or sharing reward. All payouts will be within the actual month + 1 month from signing of the offer or contract