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Start posting your open positions on HireXn and receive qualified candidates. No cure no pay and no risk!

All companies can extend the range of existing job postings for free - and activate a large network of non-professional and professional recruiters to receive screened and qualified candidates from referrals – and only pay by hire!

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Become an HireXn recruiter and earn money by referring candidates from your own network!

Private or Professional - Anyone can sign up as HireXn recruiter and start searching and reffering relevant candidates from their network for open positions posted on the HireXn platform

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• No risk - you set your own hire reward price
• No cure No pay - you only pay by hire
• Less time on screening unqualified candidates
• Safe, easy and fast


• Great earning opportunity
• No risk
• Dashboard where you can follow how your referred candidates are doing
• Automatic payment of your hire reward


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These companies are already posting jobs through HireXn

  • Ambu
  • Aasted
  • Deloitte
  • Cego
  • Columbus
  • BR
  • Houzz
  • Primagaz
  • SOS Børnebyerne
  • SecureDevice
  • Obviux
  • Widex