What is i-Refer

i-Refer is a platform where everyone can earn money by referring relevant candidates, and companies receive qualified and motivated candidates at a low cost

i-Refer is an open and secure platform for digitally delivered recruitment services that enables:

  • Everyone to become a recruiter and earn money by utilizing their network to qualify and refer relevant candidates
  • Companies to get direct access to the passive candidate market on posted vacancies, on a "no cure no pay" basis and receive more qualified candidates based on referrals

We aim to capture the unused available search & recruitments capacity and divert talents from both the active and passive candidate market towards the open vacancies and deliver highly qualified candidates at a low cost.

Our beleif

i-Refer is evolving the way companies recruit. We believe that the global recruitment capacity is far bigger than the capacity of the established recruitment service industry. We want to enable everyone to utilize their network and become a recruiter by providing candidates to vacancies and earn hiring rewards for successful referrals. Everything in a structured, secured and intuitive setting.

The platform is an efficient yet cost effective way for hiring companies to engage with a massive global talent pool of candi dates through the network of multiple dedicated recruiters.

Interactive, gamified and easy to use


Søren Rosenkrantz Larsen
Søren Rosenkrantz Larsen

CEO & Co-founder

Brian Ranvits
Brian Ranvits

CFO & Co-founder

Martin Ellern Bilgrau
Martin Ellern Bilgrau

CTO & Co-founder