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Post your job and let the network find your next employee without risk and at a low cost - Why not!

Use HireXn to post your open positions and let the network find your next employee without risk and at a low cost - Why not!

Supplement and expand the reach of your existing job postings by featuring your open positions on the HireXn platform. You will then activate a network of professional and non-professional recuriters, get access to the passive candidate market and receive screened and highly qualified candidates.

• No risk - you set your own hire reward price
• No cure No pay - you only pay by hire
• Less time on screening unqualified candidates
• Safe, easy and fast

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How does it work?

We possess a large network of recruiters, ready to find the right candidate for your position. Create your job today and let the network do the job for you. Through the network you will receive screened and qualified candidates risk-free.

Creation of job

Start by registering your open positions in the system, then choose the amount you wish to pay your recruiter.

Specify which criteria you think our network of recruiters are to match candidates up against. Review your job advert, then approve it.

Let the network do the job

Sit back and let our network of recruiters, search for relevant candidates for your position.

Every candidate is to be screened (against each criterion you specified creating the post), before any of them is registered in the system and forwarded on to you.

Provide feedback

You will receive your candidates in the system, and it is up to you with which ones you would like to proceed.

You decide if you want to invite some of them for an interview. The candidates you do not find suitable for the post, those you can reject.

Hire your next employee

Hire one or more of the candidates you already received, assessed and found suitable for the post.

Remember, you only pay the amount you chose – and only when hiring!

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